Want to expand to new areas?

Are you looking to expand to new markets and territories?

I am based in Bratislava in Central Europe, from here I cover Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic & Austria. I work on a contracted commission only basis. Click Here to contact me for more information.

Extend your sales network

I cover 6 countries in central Europe with an established customer base. I represent and actively search for companies who manufacture/distribute within these industries –

  • Timber Products
  • Building Materials/Products
  • Construction Products
  • Aviation/Aerospace
  • Plant & Heavy Machinery

Commision rates and a Sales Agent contract are agreed before and generally for an initial term of 12 months with an automatic rollover.

chart-line-148256_1280Benefits of using me to represent you!

I have just under 10 years experience in sales and a good amount of market knowledge. I spend my time building new leads and working on existing relationships.

  • Work with someone, don’t employ them – I am self-employed so you receive an invoice for my services. No employer tax contributions, no pensions, no expenses.
  • You only pay for what I sell – I expect you to supply a good product on time and do what you say you will do, and you can expect the same from me.